16 July 2006

proof of green dogs

I now have photographic proof. I'm not hallucinating. The people of Barnes live with a pack of large green dogs staring at them across the river.

See if you can spot those dogs I'm seeing.
No? How about if I circle the dogs in red? See - easy. They're totally there.

Still no luck? Well, I was afraid of that, so using sophisticated Photoshop skills, I've enhanced the images to highlight the canine aspects of the trees in question.

So there you have it - I'm not seeing things. They're there. And one of them's Hong Kong Phooey.


Anonymous said...

You are my friend, but you are cracking up.

Richard said...

I'm not! Look, I went on my run today, and they're gone. Well, I didn't even bother to look, but that's even more impressive, because if you thought there were giant green dogs across the river, you'd look. And I didn't. I've exorcised them by posting ridiculing representations of them on the 'net. It's the new voodoo.

And I know it's you, Pete.

Alicia said...

Hmph. Pete never comments on MY blog.
And Richard- you've lost it.That's obviously Huckleberry Hound. Hong Kong Phooey my ass.

Richard said...

Lish, that's a different Pete.

And Huckleberry Hound didn't where a mask and do kung fu. So it's totally Hong Kong Phooey. Duh.

My word verification's 'zenfih' which is quite cool.