08 June 2007


I don't think tea counts as caffeine.

If it does, then yeah, I drank caffeine yesterday. If not, then I didn't. Trying not to drink any today. I'm very sleepy though, and most tempted by thoughts of naps. Naps are civilised.

Cats nap. They seem quite civilised.

Except, of course, when they lick their butts. And cough up hairballs.

Otherwise though, very civilised.

05 June 2007

caffeine day II

It's upsetting that coffee isn't tasting good to me anymore. I'm sure it's a temporary thing. It had better be. I think the defining factor is utility. I'm not drinking the coffee because I really want a coffee.
What I really want is a bit of a caffeine detox and a day in bed.
I'm drinking the coffee because I need it to stay awake.
I'm at work.
I'm at my job. It's an important distinction.
I'm not working.
When I do work, it will not be at my job. It will be writing.

Some studies suggest that caffeine is psycho-reactive. That if you ingest it as a stimulant, it acts as such, but if you view it as a relaxant, it will chill you out.

I think that's bollocks. My blood's boiling with the stuff. I'm still exhausted, but shakes keep me awake.

04 June 2007

caffeine day

If I shut my eyes, I'll fall asleep.

Today I'm writing, selling wine and taking pictures.

That's everything I do. Well, everything I do for a living...

The latter two are hobbies, but the only ones I get paid for.

Go figure.

1 triple espresso latte down and I can control my eyelids again.

Another and I might forget how warm my bed is.

I doubt it though.