08 June 2007


I don't think tea counts as caffeine.

If it does, then yeah, I drank caffeine yesterday. If not, then I didn't. Trying not to drink any today. I'm very sleepy though, and most tempted by thoughts of naps. Naps are civilised.

Cats nap. They seem quite civilised.

Except, of course, when they lick their butts. And cough up hairballs.

Otherwise though, very civilised.


Oli said...

And people think it's cute when they lick your face. Hardly civilised at all.

"Snoozing" is also a good option, although I think "nap" might suit your accent better.

Richard said...

I always consider snoozing going back to sleep having not actually gotten out of bed, a la hitting the 'snooze' button on an alarm clock.

Aw, c'mon - it's cute. And it serves you right for smearing yourself with catnip oil in the first place.