06 December 2006

old pics

As it's December, I've unearthed some pictures of winter last year. They're here. Hope you like them.

Ya boo, sucks to you if you don't.

I don't know, it was on Blackadder Goes Forth and made me laugh.

Listening to The Magnetic Fields 100,000 Fireflies. It's quite groovy. Ta to 'Lish for the heads up.

04 December 2006

odd bits

Two bowls of cornflakes and a couple of pieces of toast - a subdued breakfast/lunch this afternoon. I'd forgotten how much I really like cornflakes - hence the second bowl.

I'm considering buying bricks/concrete/flagstones to put in my car at the moment. The wind keeps threatening to pick it up and deposit it somewhere far away.

The weekend ended in a manner far more civilised than it should have: a classical concert in the company of some of Perthshire's finest, and us lot, weary, bleary-eyed, hungover and yearning for bed. The Perth Choral Group's rousing rendition of Orff's Carmena Burana cleared the cobwebs from our heads though, and it was a lovely evening all told.

Bed last night was welcome, though a tad empty compared to the night before.