06 December 2006

old pics

As it's December, I've unearthed some pictures of winter last year. They're here. Hope you like them.

Ya boo, sucks to you if you don't.

I don't know, it was on Blackadder Goes Forth and made me laugh.

Listening to The Magnetic Fields 100,000 Fireflies. It's quite groovy. Ta to 'Lish for the heads up.


Alicia said...

Glad you liked it. Can't believe you didn't like the one with the ukelele. A ukelele makes ANYTHING awesome.

Richard said...

Apparently, and I've not seen it myself, there is a photo somewhere of my singing and drinking bison grass vodka while a friend plays the ukulele. I have no recollection of this event. If anyone reading this can confirm the truth of it, I'd appreciate it. Until then, well, I just don't dig the ukulele. I do enjoy typing the word though. And saying it. Ukulele. Heh.

Alicia said...

Well...I do remember this one time where you sang a duet WITH a bison. But that's obviously not the time you're thinking of, so I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in the photos.

Also, your comments have gone wonky.

Alicia said...

Also, I spelled ukulele wrong. I will go sit in the corner and weep.