06 May 2006

quieter moments of last week

All around, it was a good holiday. I did turn into a bit of a morose bastard every once in awhile, but I made an effort to extricate myself from others when this happened. So in my quieter moments, I headed for the hills or the beaches and got some snaps like so:

The hills above Naughton looking West.
The beach at Kingsbarns - I escaped here from a particular bout of poisonhead.

much more later

I know, I know; nothing posted in awhile. I'm sorry. It seems the world goes marching on whether I post or not, and the recent cabinet reshuffle (yes, I do pay attention to some of this stuff) led to one of my dad's classic comments, "Margaret Beckett is the new foreign secretary? Fuck, I don't think she's even been to Scotland." Rock on, pops.

Blair's government getting mud on its face - a good thing.

Lunatic ignorant fascist scum like the BNP taking advantage of it - a bad thing.

There will be some more today. I was supposed to be going up to Hertfordshire to watch polo, but the weather's not so sunny and Pete's been incommunicado. Most mysterious. It gives me a chance to update my CV and catch up on correspondence and, of course, update the blog so it ain't all that bad.

Need some lunch first though.

03 May 2006

back in the belfry

Well, I'm all moved back in the belfry. And it's a bit messy. Once I get the mess sorted I'll post all sorts of stuff.

02 May 2006


Back home and safe though suffering the interminable melancholy of poisonhead. And a normal headache. Talk about adding insult to injury. Or maybe this is injury to insult.

Je ne sais pas.