15 October 2005

Curses and the like

Life is one thing to pack after another. If you find yourself in this situation then allow me to present to you the ultimate break. Go see Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I went last night with Pete W and it was brilliant. My smile did not abate once during the whole film - ridiculous child-like joy and laughter will grab you and you should succumb. It's good for the soul and I'm certainly a happier man today than I was yesterday.

It's very peculiar to be here and not be working. And if I'd passed my first driving test, I would not be here still, so there's that bit of nagging you really shouldn't be here kicking about in the back of my mind.

Not to say it's all been hard going; my friends are incredible and that was highlighted Tuesday night when Tim & Craig opened their restaurant in St Monans just for me. Craig prepared an awesome feast and we enjoyed spectacular wines. Towards the end of the evening we were receiving XO Cognac trebuchets while lying down (this is a complex process whereby a double-magnum of fine cognac, in its decanting cradle, is poured liberally into the mouth of the fool waiting for it). Needless to say Wednesday was painful. Not just due to the hangover, but also due to how obscenely rich the food was. And I mean rich-soaked-in-goose-fat-rich.

So I went for an amazing 3 course lunch with Harry on Wednesday to prevent any withdrawal issues. Which was foolish. Champagne, Chablis and yet more XO Cognac later and we found ourselves in the pub downing pints. I'd forgotten that there was a 40th birthday party I was meant to be at that night. So I thought I'd take a nap but was awakened by the birthday boy and his lovely lady mere moments after putting my head down. Exhaustion took hold of me shortly after I'd finished dinner and I went home to bed. The 20 people that arrived at 230 in morning to sing happy birthday and drink loads of booze did not stir me from my slumber.

Lots of weird questions in my head at the moment. Exciting-weird though, sort of like a "where is my life taking me" thing. And some logistical stuff, like how am I going to get all of my crap down south if I don't pass my test and buy a car? Hmmm.

11 October 2005

Baby steps

Well. I'm unemployed. I picked up my last wage packet this morning. The last week was intense, hectic and long. The annual Luvians Wine Fair was a blast, with almost 160 wines, some of which I even got to taste. Epic quantities of beer afterwards meant that Sunday, my last shift, was sleepy.

My inability to say no to nice girls meant that I spent my first day of unemployment designing a website. Ah well.

Today I went to a luxury hotel on the West Coast of Scotland for a wine tasting lunch. Copious quantities of lobster and roast beef were served with fine claret. One must take time to change lifestyle. Going cold turkey may well kill me.

My driving test is Monday. I'm very nervous.

09 October 2005

End of an era...

Well, I'm sitting at the desk in the shop in the office and I have 1hr 45mins left in my shift at Luvians. It has been a fun 4 1/2 years. I'm so exhausted I don't really have much else to say. The new volume of my life is opening. I'm at the prologue. Which is sometimes a recap of what's gone before.

And my twitch is gone. Coincidence?