31 October 2008

resting my eyes

I lie on the couch, eyes closed, facing the ceiling and listen to the sea rage. Once in awhile I look and watch the spray disappate into mist as it crashes over the pier and harbour walls. All's slate; the sea, the sky, the stone. Vast strips of foaming white tumult cut the sea, crowning the waves, embracing the stone, exploding and cascading over it. The few droplets of rain seem pointless against the sea's torrent. I lie back and look at the ceiling for a moment, shut my eyes. And listen.

29 October 2008

a wee note

Just a small note to let everyone know that recovery proceeds apace. My flat doesn't have broadband, so updates are coming from my iPhone. I spend most of my days lying on my back, listening to stand-up (Izzard and Connolly mostly), resting my eyes. It seems to be working. I drink lapsang souchong tea during the day and allow myself a beer or two at night. I sleep a lot. Toast forms the cornerstone of my diet, with various toppings. I snack on apples and bananas, I've cooked once and I've perfected showering without getting my left eye wet. Bright light bothers me and I wear sunglasses a lot of the time. We don't have a tv at the moment, but I couldn't see it anyway if we did. Friends have helped a bunch, from just being company to running errands, to bringing much-missed coffee. I'm feeling better, slowly but surely, and look forward to crystal sight, taking pictures, scribbling words, tasting wine and settling into the new (old) flat.

26 October 2008


On Wednesday morning I underwent a procedure to reattach the retina in my left eye. They shot some lasers into my right eye too, just for good measure. The operation was a success, but looking at computers is rather difficult at the moment. As such, my blogs are all under indefinite hiatus. Sorry guys.