27 May 2006

missing music

There's something to be said for the big iPods. I've had a craving for Bruce Springsteen's My Hometown since I got here on Wednesday night (very late on Wednesday night I might add) but it's not on my wee nano. Struggling through a trial such as this make me a better person.

I'm not sure what to write. I'm 30. I'm sitting almost 2 1/2 miles away from the hospital that I performed my first gig. Boston's good. Good food, nice people and aside from a couple of thunderstorms yesterday, beautiful weather. I've been taking pictures like a tourist. I've been able to watch Sox games as opposed to just checking the results online. There's other stuff too, but I'm not quite sure how to write it without whining about nostalgia and all that. I'll work it out and post some pics as well. Later.


I want to write something, I really do, but I'm exhausted, still on UK time and need to get some sleep.

And I'm 30. I've been 30 for 12 minutes (Boston time, 5hrs 12 minutes London time) and no one's said happy birthday to me yet. Well, they've pre-empted quite a few times, but no chat on the day. So far. There's 23 hrs and 46 minutes to go.

24 May 2006


I fly to Boston this afternoon, a year and a day since my last visit. I've already got a boarding pass, thanks to the miracle of the internet and me not losing my booking reference. I haven't packed yet. I'm dreading it. Packing. The trip is warming on me. I love Boston. I've got some free time and no money, so I'll get a lot of writing done, take some pics as well. If I'm real lucky, I'll get my godfather to give me one of his season tickets to Fenway on Saturday. If I'm luckier there'll be scores of attractive single women at the wedding on Sunday.

I've not decided whether I'm bringing the laptop or not, but there'll be some posts no doubt.

Dinner last night was lovely. I failed to have a bad time, in spite of a brooding and grumpy day beforehand. It was sort of a birthday party. I got presents and everything.

23 May 2006


Sometimes you get home and even reading Calvin & Hobbes doesn't make you feel better.

Well, maybe a little better.

22 May 2006

new numbers

Diameter of my iris

The age my brother turns today

The age my niece turned on Friday

Days until my birthday

Years-old on Saturday

Miles from home I'll be on my birthday

Miles from where I was born I'll be on my birthday

Minimum number of words I'll write today.

Times I want to be married

Years before I start really worrying about not being married

Wedding I can't go to but wish that I could.

Wedding I'm going to and can't really work out why.

Pounds Stirling overdrawn from my UK Bank account.

Dollars on my Visa card

Dollars over the limit on my Visa card

Pairs of disposable contact lenses purchased today

Times my t-shirt made me smile today.
My t-shirt has a picture of a smiling sun on it, underneath it just says 'shine on'. It's pouring with rain today.

21 May 2006


What was I going to write?

It was something. Either about sleep, bad weather or BBQ's, but I can't for the life of me remember which. I went out last night and a good time in spite of fiscal issues.
Only six pints and I felt pretty rubbish today.

More and more friends are coming to crossroads and I wish I had a better map to lend them. But I don't. And, to be honest, I'm not far enough down the road myself. Yet.

Hangovers and more sloppy metaphors: typical Sunday. Go. Do something. Laugh.