18 October 2014

plus ça change

Not been around here in awhile. And I won’t be in the future. I’ll leave this blog here, to gather a bit of dust. Just popping in to say ‘bye, and to let you know that my writing is moving. It’s going over to ishouldbewritingsomethingelse.net. Which is an irksomely long URL, but there you go. Bookmark it so you don’t have to type it every time. That place will be a little different. It won’t just be a chronicle. There will be fiction and travel and baseball and nerdy stuff. And the chronicle stuff, too. There’s still a Belfry, it’s just getting an upgrade. All that I’ve written here can be found in the archives there. 

No booze, though. That will be at The Last Sip

Thank you for reading. I hope you keep doing so at the new place.