26 August 2005

New t-shirt

This is the logo on my new t-shirt. It is now one of my 2 favourites, in its own way as appropriate and cool as the banana slug. Neither are formal wear, but both reflective of me. Will eventually have a banana slug pic up, put them side-by-side, and you, my imaginary readers, can decide which you like best. They are equal to me.


Jo said...

HEY!! How dare you say another t-shirt is even nearly as cool as the Slug?! Glad you had a good time in London town. Love the Pete in cropped tee action- with the aviators it was prize. I might steal the picture. Infact. We should have a picture swapping session from last weekend... I was such a grumpy fuck I didn't have any good people shots but I do have some good 'uns. Oh and we have the same phone. We can be phone buddies.

Spot the girl who is procrastinating her report.

Jo said...

PS. I gave my one year old niece a squishy banana slug and it is her new favourite friend. I've done good.

Richard said...

Photo swapping sounds cool - when are you next up? Would also love to see some more of your shots from California.

And well done on the squishy banana slug. You are already a better aunt than I an uncle.