27 August 2005

Clear winner

I think I may have been somewhat hasty when I claimed that the "feed me" t-shirt was as cool as this. Perhaps it was something to do with the old, "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" adage. I didn't have this in London, as it was dirty and I feel I've grown out of dumping piles of dirty laundry on my parents upon arrival. As such, missing my cool new t-shirt, I latched onto the first t-shirt that made a connection. Do I feel guilt? Sort of. "Feed me" and I will never be the same. I used it, emotionally. I'll still wear it, wash it and, occasionally, fold it. I can be cold. Maybe when the banana slug is in the laundry we'll share an awkward moment, tempted by the fling that was London. But it will never be the same...

PS: This is in no way a capitulation to the comments here. Compare for yourself - the slug is just cooler.

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