10 November 2005

The wedding...

Here are the pics from my friend Matt's wedding, held in the fantastic Knappogue castle, former stronghold of the MacNamara clan. These are all from my SLR and not my digital. The reception stuff is all from my digital and that will be another post. I was pretty hungover from an epic night at Cruise's - brilliant pub in the town of Ennis.Matt awaits Emma... I really like this shot. There wasn't enough light for a zoom lense, sadly.It was a "humanist" service. Which was lovely, actually - more interesting than strictly legal-speak civil ceremonies that I've been to. And it was short. Bonus.This is Adam. He's a mate and was the official photographer. He had a tripod and everything. And probably didn't ruin the film with which he took most of the wedding photos. Anyway, I got this shot of him because I thought he wouldn't be in any otherwise.Matt and Emma in the gardens. I'm annoyed Emma's not as in focus as Matt. And that someone's shoulder is there on the left.Really chuffed with this one.Chuffed with this one as well, even though it could have been framed slightly better, because I'd never done a manual shutter speed night-shot before (Adam let me borrow his tripod). This is the castle where the wedding, reception and banquet were held. Cool huh? Castles... hmmm. Could use one of those.

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