06 August 2005

The calm before the tat storm...

It's quiet in the shop right now. The rides haven't started yet. There's a nintendo "fun house" ride parked in front of us. A sign that says "Fun House Power Unit" sits at eye level when I look out the window. Hmmm... is sabatoge a crime if performed for the benefit of good taste and my sanity? Are the specially trained dinosaurs ready yet?

I should go some way to explain this... Once a year, around traditional Lammas festival time, something called the Lammas Fair arrives in St Andrews. Far from being a traditional mediaeval harvest market, it is a ridiculous carnival they shove not on the outskirts of town, but on two of the three main streets, denying vehicle access, making a racket, causing a severe fire hazard and attracting the scum of humanity to our fine town. We lose business, have to stand guard against potential shop lifters and have to endure bad quality sound effects pumped at obnoxious volumes through terrible speakers. It's allowed to continue this because it claims to be a traditional Lammas Market... I studied mediaeval history at St Andrews and somehow the mention of mechanised rides and candy floss at a 15th century market eluded me. Maybe it's in the Crowland Chronicle...

The good news is that I'm escaping and not once, but twice. Next week I'm at Naughton for 3 days partying, watching polo, drinking beer, drinking wine and getting caught up with the Dining Club.

Then a mere 10 days later is the Festival Cup with its cast of thousands (note to self: appreciate bed at Naughton while you can) and then I'm off to London for 5 days. The latter will be extra cool as I get to see my friend Kate play at the Regent Street Apple Store. That's on 23 August and anyone in London should try to get to see it as it will be brilliant and, best of all, free! So get there early.

I decided to use a lot of links in this post... and to add one more, go check out this. It's brilliant. Bunnies. Heh.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I see in the year 2007 the Lammas Market is still in the streets of St Andrews is GREAT.

Most of the citys and towns in the uk would have some kind of Mediaeval market which is now a funfair YES A FUNFAIR (FUN).

I see you have not put any dates down for the Oldest Mediaeval Street Fair in Scotland.

If you look into the history of this GREAT (CARNIVAL MARKET FUNFAIR) Not to take up all your time it was given Royal permission in 1130 and a charter in 1620, now that is History belonging to the TOWN that i was born and brought up in. You say that it causes a severe FIRE HAZARD, The problem that i have with you saying that is that is not true. Fife Council and the Police and the FIRE BRIGADE look in to this, thats why the council marks out the street for the fire brigade to get through. Now you say about potential shop lifters but you get them all year round you just have to look in the local paper on a Friday.
I see you have studied at St Andrews best of all Mediaeval History and yet you didn't say anything about the dates of the market. Yes there was no rides or candy floss in 1130. WHAT I THINK YOU SHOULD DO IS BUY MY DOCUMENTARY DVD ABOUT THE LAMMAS AND HEAR AND SEE FOR YOURSELFE WHAT GOS INTO BRINGING THIS GREAT (MARKET FUNFAIR) INTO MY HOME TOWN.