23 April 2008

Every once in awhile, get drunk and watch The Goonies

A few beers with old friends in the old local, the one where the bar staff are rude, downright grumpy, but the beer tastes good and slips down without effort. Then wine with dinner and banter about the past, silver-lined memories and the ghosts of great times. The wine tastes amazing, more-ish. It's not expensive, just good, honest and makes the food taste even better. Nostalgic reminiscing brings The Goonies to the DVD player. The Goonies brings chat of treasure maps, and adventure. 

Another bottle of wine gets opened and the guidebooks come out. Our own treasure maps. Tracing lines across the highlands; there are castles, snow-capped mountains, lochs and ruins on the doorstep. Another coast to explore. It's decided. 

The next morning sees an early start, fuzzy-headed but hearts clear. A whirlwind tour of the highlands - tiny daft roads barely big enough for a skateboard, camera and notebooks in tow, Rob's on the music, Sarah's got the map.

Adventure calls all the time; you just have to answer it.


Anonymous said...

Charming. Absolutely charming.

It's wonderful that you still have the friends in your circle that make adventure, then and now. I am afraid I lost too many of mine along the way.

My husband loves Goonies.
My movie like that is Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Oh, I've just shown my age.

Richard said...

Fast Times is an awesome movie.

There's something longer in this... hopefully I'll get it up soon. Thanks for reading and your words.