22 May 2007

short note

There are some new pics up on my picasa page.

I'm off to London tomorrow morning to see the folks and others. Beers on the Thames, good food and chat should ensue. I'm writing quite a bit at the moment, so there will be some bits and pieces popping up here and there.

Veronica's posting some old stuff on the roads and paths - check it out. She's ridiculously talented.

The Sox lost last night. They'll win tonight.

I'm crossing my fingers anyway.


Veronica said...

You rule.
Thanks so much.

Hey, I am taking you up on your offer for Mac assistance. Can I have your email address pretty please?

Alicia said...

And by "lost" read "got their asses decisively handed to them".

Boy do I ever hate Manny Ramirez. I hate his greasy face and his dreadlocks and his dead little shark eyes. However he does keep grounding out, and that's just fine and dandy.

Richard said...

You know Lish, I'd forgotten how annoying it was to get a comment from you when the Sox lose. It's almost annoying enough to overshadow how delighted I am to see you around again. But not quite.

And your sorry arses are still 9 1/2 games in the hole. So hate Manny all you like. :-D

Lish said...

But you see, I'm allowed to say shit like that now that we're well and truly tanking. We never beat ANYONE anymore. Suckage.

Also, _I'm_ around. Where have _you_ been?