14 August 2006

car hunt (updated)

Did you know that if you're registered blind you get a 50% discount on your TV License? It's true. Ridiculous. If you're deaf as well, is it free?

Today I'm hunting for cars. At the moment it's down to Golfs and Peugeot 306s & 205s. The former are prettier but diesels are proving hard to find. And there's something about dumping a bunch of rape seed oil and booze into the tank and driving 500 miles that appeals to me. I've looked at a few estates (that's station wagons for my American fans) but can't quite bring myself to drive like a soccer mom. Which is a shame, because I've got to cart a lot of shit up north.

Listening to Tom Cochrane's Life is a Highway and surfing Auto Trader.

It appears I have a nemesis. Someone is going around buying all the decent diesel hatchbacks priced under a grand within a 40 mile radius. The last guy I phoned actually said the caller before had bought the car. I don't want to hear that. If I hadn't made my cup of tea before picking up the phone I would have had it. Curse my tea. And curse my nemesis. It's now less a matter of which car I want than which car is still bloody available. Curse the internet.


Alicia said...

Don't you hate that? That there's another you out there somewhere quietly snapping up all the things you want the second before you can get to them? It is unfair when our evil bizarro selves penetrate into this universe. This used to happen to me all the time, in the Ago time, before TiVo, when I'd go to the video store only to find out that I'd been there an hour earlier and rented all the things I wanted to rent. We should find a way to prevent this. Involving nitroglycerin and possibly some sort of superconducting supercollider. I'll get right on it.

Richard said...

The world is safer in your hands.