24 August 2006

4 and a half hours to go

So much went right today, that had I met a stunningly beautiful, intelligent, funny, single woman, I would have been able to woo her by merely commenting on the weather.

The day's not over yet. Of course, the chances of a lady matching the above description wandering through the West Lothian countryside at this time of night are pretty slim. But if it's going to happen, it's going to happen today. And I've got my weather chat ready.


Ameratis said...

:) Like the post. Makes me think of a movie "Laws of Attraction" where she comments about 78% chance of rain or something...anyway it is funny and they fall in love that is my point...so it can work for you!

Richard said...

Sadly the day is ended and there was no wanderer. Or is it wanderette? The Wanderettes - sounds like a Motown group.

Like the wings. They match the dress.