21 October 2005

Observational nonsense and the mountain of boxes

As if geeks didn't jerk off over new iPods enough, now there's this news.

I'm in London. And not getting off to a fast start. Still a bit deer-in-headlights at the moment. Not at being in London, mind, but more with having my life in boxes and a hint of uncertainty about unpacking. You see, my folks are showing the house to potential buyers quite a bit. Now, it's their house to sell as they wish, but I wish they'd told me it was being so actively marketed before I moved my life (in boxes) back down (with the exception of the 5 boxes left in my closet at Andy's flat). So I'm sure if I spend the hours (and I do mean hours; perhaps days) unpacking we'll sell the house within 15 minutes and I'll have to pack it all up again. Negative? Yeah, but I just ate 2 hotdogs. That's enough to make anyone testy.

Still. I've drawn up my to do list. That's always the first step to procrastination.

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