30 October 2005

Assorted goals and miscellany...

Wants & Never Wants... in the process of becoming Wills & Never Wills.

I want to be exhausted at least once a day from physical exertion.

I want to live in an old house. With secret passageways.

I want to write at least 2 novels, 1 screenplay, 2 stageplays, 1 musical & 1 biography. I have the titles for all of them and know already what they are about.

I want to find love again.

I want to rediscover my more random side.

I want to know more about the sheep-eating parrots from New Zealand.

I want the best for my friends and family. No, scratch that: I want happiness for my friends and family.

I want to start a successful production company.

I want to bake bread brilliantly.

I want the problems I cannot solve to be unimportant (like the last clue on a crossword).

I want to know the last clue on the crossword.

I want to be a better photographer.

I want pets again.

I want to not want pizza so frequently. Ditto curry, Thai, Thai curry & burgers.

I want to stop snoring.

I want to get upgraded whenever I fly.

I want trains to all be decked out like the Orient Express.

I want to find adventure, true adventure, not in the "all life's an adventure" bollocks sort of way but in the discovering-secret-treasure/artefacts-and-narrowly-escaping-death kind of way.

I want to be outside more often. Especially in forests.

I want to cuddle as frequently as possible.

I want to climb a tree at least once a week. I used to do it everyday but I suppose I should make allowances for age.

I want to drive, legally.

I want my nephew, Conor, to give my hat and sunglasses back.

I never want to live in a suburb.

I never want to have "take out" night. Sometimes I'll get a delivery, or a take-away. This shouldn't be considered such a remarkable or amazing event that the night is relabeled or indeed synonymous ("Sunday night is take out night!").

I never want to feel that I've missed out on part of my life, or think that a bad decision I've made has irrevocably closed doors for me.

I never want to forget adventure.

I never want an office that feels like jail.

I never want to forget how important the ingredients are.

I never want to forget what my friends and family have done for me.

I never want to be boring for the sake of being sensible.

I never want to be fat again.

I never want to hurt people.

I never want to sit next to old ladies slurping manky tuna with their hands.

I never want to miss the train again.

I never want to feel my family hold me back.

I never want my parents to sell their house.

I never want to feel I'm doing something I hate just for the money.

I never want to marry the wrong person.

I never want to smoke cigarettes again.

I never want to rely on lunacy to remain in an unbearable situation. Surely lunacy should be a means of extricating oneself from an unbearable situation.

I'm going to the wilds of the South of Ireland tomorrow. I hope to find beauty, enlightenment and piece of mind while expecting to find drunkenness and much fun. I also expect a minimum of net connections, so I'll be away for a wee while. Will have lots of pics to post afterwards. This last one was taken by my nephew Oisin of myself and my nephew Conor.


Anonymous said...

if you really want those things why dont you get off your butt and do them. you're the only one stopping yourself.

Richard said...

Hence the introductory sentence saying "in the process of becoming wills and never wills". And why it was called "Assorted goals" as these are goals that I am pursuing.