15 September 2005

Morning tunes and some notes

"Modern Way" - Kaiser Chiefs. I just really like this tune and this album (Employment).

"Hounds of Love"
- The Futureheads. Brilliant cover. Who'd've thought Kate Bush could sound so punk?

"It's Oh So Quiet" - Lisa Ekdahl. I have a lot of different recordings of this song by many different artists. Commensurate with my mood of late, this version is best suited as it is actually quiet and reflective.

"Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio)"
- Miles Davis. From Sketches of Spain; this is brilliant music, and is perfect to play if you're somewhere you don't really want to be, such as work.

I found out that almost immediately upon my return to London, my parents are going to the States for 6 weeks. Be careful what you wish for; some time on my own to write has become more on my own than I'd planned. Well, aside from when I was thinking about marooning myself on an island off the West of Scotland. That would have been pretty "on my own" to say the least. Still, I'll have a massive fucking house in West London all to myself. That'll be nice. And not lonely at all, honest.

Still no nano.

I ate a whole Marmaris pizza last night. It was big. Then, I pretty much went to bed - around 10ish. No writing, no packing (still yet to happen). I think I'm getting some rest while I still can. Or, I'm being fat and lazy.

The only emails I've been getting of late have been trying to sell me wine that I cannot afford.

A friend is coming over for dinner tomorrow night. I think she needs some cheering up. Pan-fried haddock with home fries, roasted tomatoes with something green on the side. Honey ice cream with homemade butterscotch sauce for dessert. How could that not cheer someone up?

Part of me has already left St Andrews. It's waiting for the rest of me.


Alicia said...

I'm way too tired to address the "leaving St Andrews" feelings- and if I leave a novel in the comments section, Rich might hurt me. So I'll address the one word that really jumped out at me, namely: nano.
Oh, the nano. Part of me knows that the thing will probably snap in half before it becomes obsolete in a month or so, and that why the hell should I spend that much for it when I just got a mini 5 months ago, and I adore the mini, and it holds more songs and is niftily scratchproof.
The other part of me thinks "oooooooh-shiny. Want!"

I am an adman's wet dream.

PS And no, Rich, I haven't forgotten that Christmas 4 years ago when you introducted me to the wonders of the pod and overcame my ignorant anti-appleness. Damn you for instigating this spiral of shilldom! Where will it end? Because you know that in three months when they roll out the iPod Pico, that's so small it has to be embedded in your fingernail, I'll be queueing up a week in advance. Damn you, sir.

Alicia said...

Introduced! Not introducted. Really, really tired here.