14 February 2005

A Valentine's Rant...

Perhaps it is because it is a Monday. Or maybe it's because I have a massive amount of IT responsibility over the next few months. It's possibly due to the bitter cold and gale force winds. But I am really, really, hating Valentine's Day this year.

Forgive the cold cynicism, but doesn't it seem the antithesis of romance for couples throughout the Western world to have a set date to be romantic? And for them all to exchange flowers, cards and expensive, candlelit meals?

Surely romance is about passion and spontaneity?

Or is this why I've been single for 2 years?


Lish said...

Nah, you've been single for two years because women are demonstrably stupid and insane.
Hey, I have the first post! Is some sort of award involved? Maybe cash? Cash would be nice. I also accept Paypal.

Richard said...

You get a big hug for being my first post.